hawthorn mandolin

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Bradford & Franzke Hawthorn® F-5 Style mandolin

Our Bradford and Franzke Hawthorn™ F Style mandolin is a faithful reproduction of the classic Gibson F-5 mandolins of the 1920s. Our F Style mandolins are built of top quality maple with choice European (German Silver) or Adirondack Red Spruce tops. These mandolins feature hand carved tops and backs, all hot hide glue construction, and a hand-rubbed varnish finish painstakingly applied. Many makers today compromise on details such as hot hide glue construction. We believe strongly in this old fashioned method of construction as used on classic stringed instruments through the ages. Likewise, a hand-rubbed varnish finish takes many hours of hand work to achieve a finish of the quality that we require. We cut no corners on the construction of these mandolins. Standard are Waverly tuning machines with real pearl or ebony tuner buttons, the finest tuners on the market today. Engraved James tailpieces come standard. Fretboards are flat or radiused per your request. These top quality mandolins are hand graduated, tuned and finished by independent luthiers.